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Instructions on How to Apply Mineral Make Up Correctly

One thing that is rather unique about mineral makeup is that there seems to be different ways of applying each type. If you are confused about how to apply mineral makeup correctly, then this article is exactly what you just need. You must know that applying mineral makeup is not as simple as putting on regular make up.

It is very important that you know how to properly use mineral based make up. Do not let these minerals make up colors fool you as they go very sheer – like a veil. Also, the best mineral make up look can only be achieved using the right tools and brushes – that is, using them right.

Applying Mineral Makeup Foundation and Powder

Of all cosmetic minerals, mineral foundation is the hardest to apply. If you look into their labels, some mineral make up brands would suggest the “swirl, tap then buff” method, while others instruct you not to do so. In cases like this, the main rule of thumb is to distinguish between mineral makeup that contains bismuth oxychloride and those that don’t. Bismuth-oxychloride based mineral makeups should be applied via the “swirl, tap, buff” technique and using a kabuki brush for best results. Colors for mineral makeup are sheer mainly because they soak into the skin, offering good coverage.

Using a kabuki brush

A kabuki brush is a brush that is much like your regular thick brushes, only that it is more densely packed. It tends to give out a very heavy coverage since much of the makeup is still left after tapping. If you want heavy coverage, kabuki brushes work best, along with buffing for a smooth seamless look. However, if you want a light to medium coverage with your kabuki, you can use another brush to take in a tiny amount of the foundation powder and apply it onto your kabuki brush. (Do not dip right into the jar with your kabuki brush as it will surely go on dark).

Swirl, Tap, Buff Technique

The swirl, tap and buff technique is important to master if you want to know how to apply mineral makeup correctly. This technique is rather simple: swirl your brush into the makeup jar, tap off the excess powder then buff in a circular motion around your face until you are satisfied with the coverage. Using a good fluffy brush also works well with this technique. For best results, you should not use too much foundation at one time. Instead, go for light coverage and the repeat application for a heavier look.

Applying Mineral Makeup Concealer

Applying mineral concealers should be done with a good concealer brush by spot tapping. For covering up blemishes, spot tap and apply foundation right over the concealer. For covering dark eye circles, spot tap on the bottom part of the eye. (Never wipe on to the area.)

Of course, applying mineral makeup presumes proper makeup skin care for desired results. Proper skin care coupled with the right methods of mineral make up application will give you the extraordinarily beautiful look you have always wanted.