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What is the Best Mineral Makeup Available Today?

Curious about what the best mineral makeup today is? We are too!

Choosing from among the available mineral makeup products today is not an easy job. It is much like finding out which apple is the best apple in the world. All mineral makeups are made more or less of the same ingredients, they all offer the best for your skin, and they are all great! Where do we start comparing and deciding?

Opinions on Best Mineral Makeup

When asking mineral makeup users on what they think is the best mineral makeup today, we always receive varying answers. Well, this is kind of expected since mineral makeups are all made of minerals, in the first place. They are natural and they are excellent to the skin, and that is the bottom line of all that. Opinions vary mainly because each of us have different skin types. As in choosing apples, we have different tastes in the first place, right?

Here are some of the mineral makeup products that have garnered a good image in many best mineral makeup reviews. These are also commonly agreed on by mineral users to provide nothing but the best results.

Bare Mineral Cosmetics

Bare mineral cosmetics is by far the most popular brand in mineral makeups. Their image is unmatched in many ways. Some women refer to them as the main authority in mineral cosmetics.

Everyday Minerals Makeup

Everyday Minerals is a brand exclusively created by skin care professionals who aim at allowing women to achieve their very own beauty style. They have a range of mineral cosmetic products from foundations to blushes to lip colors and concealers, offering only the most superior and reasonably priced mineral makeup. They give you a 60-day 100% money back guarantee that no other mineral brands do.

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Glo Minerals Makeup

Glo Minerals offer the best and exclusive formulation using quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Their makeups contain antioxidants, vitamins (C, A, K and E), along with natural extracts from green tea to provide optimum skin protection and pampering.

Youngblood Mineral Makeup

Youngblood is considered to be one of the most popular of the new mineral brand cosmetic lines that have sprouted recently. They are popular mainly because they are very reasonable priced and work well on the skin. Their makeups do not contain bismuth oxychloride, unlike some other brands, which can sometimes be an irritant for some unfortunate gals.

L’Oreal Mineral Makeup

L’Oreal has recently joined the mineral makeup market. They came up with Bare Naturale which includes a natural brush right into their packaging. This unique mineral makeup set is available for half the price of most mineral cosmetic brands. L’Oreal also incorporated moisturizers, aloe extracts and vitamins E and B5 to minimize the drying effect that minerals sometimes produce. However, they added in just a few fillers and preservatives which they claim to be non-irritants.

What is The Best Mineral Makeup?

The question to this answer relies solely on you. What is best for one may not be the best for another. What is perfect for your skin might not be perfect for me. In the end, you would have to try it on your own. We can only give you advice on what we, along with other mineral users, have experienced. The experience will not necessarily be the same for you. So, go through that journey of finding out which is the best mineral make up for your skin. Some women go through easy journeys, while some go through difficult ones, but in the end, it is all worth the effort. When you finally find your match, you will never find yourself without your best mineral makeup.