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Your Best Solutions on How to Do Gothic Makeup

If you want know how to do gothic makeup or you want to let the darker side of you come to ‘life’, you will need to invest in a few pieces of and experiment with gothic cosmetics. These can easily be purchased in your local beauty store, but this time concentrate on the dark colors you see on the shelves.

True vampire fashion will have you reaching for cosmetics such as black eyeliner, purple eye shadow, maroon and purple lipstick (with matching lip liner), a foundation that is several shades lighter than yourself, and your secret weapon which is a shimmery white powder.

How to Apply Gothic Make Up – The Starter

To get you started on the path to makeup darkness, look for inspiration in vampire books and movies. You will see that most of them have really pale skin, so reach for your pale foundation. Using a sponge, carefully apply the foundation on your skin all the way to your neck until you have reached the desired level of paleness.

The foundation ought to be matte, because nobody likes an oily vampire! Take out your shimmery white powder and dust it on targeted areas of your face: the cheekbones (like you would regular blush on), the forehead, the brow bones and between the eyes above the bridge of your nose. Also trace a line on your nose bridge to give a more aquiline feature which is characteristic of most vampires.

Remember, Kohl is Your Soulmate

Goth eye make up is your next step. What you need to do is to take your black Goth eyeliner and liner your eyes as much as you desire. Remember that like what you see in most gothic makeup pictures, the thicker the better.

Let it set for a while, and when you’re done take your palette of purple eye shadow and apply as much as you desire on your eyelids. Most Goths sweep it in an upward motion on the outer edges of their eyes to give more character. You might even want to apply a little underneath your lower lash line to ensure continuity on the purple allure.

Plump up Your Lips With Purple

Gothic makeup tips also include a dark and dramatic lip color – but leaning towards the undead, of course. Take your pick over maroon and purple and apply as thick as you want. Ideally, you’d want to line your lips a few minutes after putting on lipstick to make sure the color was able to settle.

The rule here is to do the opposite by pairing up one color lipstick with another color of liner (example, purple lipstick and maroon liner, or maroon lipstick and purple liner). Goth beauty is all about drawing the attention to specific features, and in this case the lips will be a lot more noticeable if it’s two-toned.

Just Say No to Blush

When it comes to gothic makeup, always remember that blush is the enemy. Blush creates a flush, and flush signifies life. Ergo, a swipe of pink blush will be totally against the entire undead look you are going for. So it is always best to stick to these great tips on how to apply Goth make up.