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Be a Lot Bolder with the 80's Makeup Style

Do you want to know what the 80’s makeup style is all about? All you have to do is to look at Lady Gaga. That will already give you a clue. However, the kind of hair and makeup she has is only a glimpse of how it was in the eighties. Back then, people, especially the women, just went overboard when it comes to their looks.

“Bold” Is the Word

If there’s a term to fully describe the 80’s makeup style, it will be “bold.” The women were not just putting on makeup to enhance their looks. They want the makeup to define their faces. They put on makeup to create high cheekbones and to give out the illusion of long eyelashes or deep-set eyes. A lot would also sport the Madonna 80s makeup, which was characterized by the use of tomato-red lipstick, the kind of color that definitely pops out even when you look at it at the picture.

The 1980’s makeup styles may have been this for a number of reasons. A lot would like to be more futuristic when it comes to their styling approach. Second, many might be having poor lights, and it’s necessary for women to put on heavy makeup to ensure the colors would be visible slot casino88. Third, the ladies had to compete with the men so strongly in the office at these times, and looking good became a must.

80’s Makeup Style: How to Do 80s Makeup

You should know, though, that the 80s eye makeup is not applicable at all times, especially these days. There’s more emphasis on the “natural beauty,” and wearing a very strong makeup will usually be a source of jokes, particularly if you’re working in the office. Thus, if you want to ear the 80s makeup, then you need to do some tutorial.

The first thing you want to do is to clean your face. Find the best moisturizer and toner for your skin. You also need to choose your makeup properly. You are going to put quite a lot of them, and you don’t want to suffer severe allergic reactions later on.

Then you can get some pegs. These are pictures of the 80s look you want to achieve. You may want to put them in the mirror while you’re doing makeup, so are properly guided. You can also just give the photo to an expert if you’re opting for a professional service. By having the photo around, it’s also much easier for you to do some comparison.

Hide the blemishes and scars off your face by using concealers. You can then apply a liquid foundation to even your skin tone. Start with the eyes. The 80s look demand for darker more dramatic eyes, so you’re going to need a black eyeliner and a mascara. For the eyeshadow, you can pick the strongest color you get your eyes on, but make sure it still looks good on you.

For your cheeks, keep up with the rosy glow and emphasize the cheekbones. End the makeup with a red lipstick and lip gloss.

80’s Makeup Style: Pair It with a Hair

To complete the 80s looks, choose the hair that goes well with the 80s makeup trends. You can still keep the hair length, but apply a lot of mousse or gel to hold the strands together in a flamboyant position.