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Celebrity Eye Makeup Tips to Upgrade Your Look

If you have been meaning to upgrade your look to celebrity status, the best thing you can do is to apply some celebrity make up tips to totally channel a whole new vibe. But instead of going all out glam, try to focus on one particular area only, such as eye makeup.

Are you looking to channel Jennifer Lopez’s sultry Latina look? Or Christina Aguilera’s fight-girl makeup? How about Britney Spears pop superstar appeal? All these celebrity makeup inspirations are easy to do when you know just the right tips to complete your look.

Fab Lookin’ Latina

To get the sultry Jennifer Lopez eye makeup, you want to make sure that you work around the different shades of brown in order to channel her Latina vibe. To begin, line your eyes with a chocolate brown liner. Use brown instead of black because the former will add a gradual depth to the eyes without tracing it to look so obvious.

Using a sponge tipped brush, lightly smear the thick brown lines outwards to soften the look. Prep up the under eye area by patting on a concealer that is the same tone as your natural skin color to nix out any dark circles. Using an eyelash curler, curl your lashes and add two to three coats of lash-thickening black mascara.

If you’ve noticed, Jennifer Lopez has really lush eyelashes – but don’t be deceived into thinking those are her natural ones. Most celebrities use fake lashes, but in the meantime you can do a good job by using lash-thickening mascara. Apply brown and neutral toned eye shadows, but to give it the Jennifer Lopez eye makeup effect, add some shimmery gold loose shadow on the brow bone and on the inner corners of your eyes.

Crazy Sexy Christina

Pulling off the Christina Aguilera eye makeup look is easier than it seems. The trick is to work with a lot of eyeliner to complete the fight-girl look. Be inspired by Japanese eye make up techniques by adding a little upward crease on the upper lash line when you rim your eyes with dark black liner.

In this case, liquid liner is your best bet because you want solid black lines around your eyes to pull off the “Christina-dirrrrty” look. Just line you did with the Jennifer Lopez eye makeup technique, apply two to three thick coats of mascara on your lashes for that full lash effect.

If you want to up the ante, carefully apply silver shimmer eye shadow around the black rim you’ve previously created. To make it stand out, dip your sponge tip applicator in water before coating it in silver shimmer. Doing this technique will make the silver pop out once it’s been lined on your eyes.

Go Pop Star ala Britney

Britney Spears eye makeup is all about fun, fun, fun. Experiment with bright liners such as vivid blues and glowy greens, but only line the upper lash line. After doing so, pick a complementary color in to go with the colorful liner.

For green liner, a nice pink shimmer shadow will do well to create a playful look on your eyes. A coat or two of mascara will give your lashes a much-needed lengthening effect without making it look dramatically thick. Finish off with some gold shimmer on the brown bone and you are all set to rock Britney’s look.