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Clothing Tips for Men

Whether you are going to a formal occasion or to a casual event, wearing the right clothes is extremely necessary. Clothes are the first thing that people notice about someone, and it affects their perception about you to a large extent. Therefore, dressing carefully and in-line with the occasion is very important if you want to create a good impression about yourself. Here are some clothing tips for men that can help them mix-and-match their wardrobe perfectly:

  1. Don’t wear too many patterns at once. If you are wearing patterned men’s casual pants, always compliment it with a plain shirt. Similarly, if your shirt is patterned, use plain pants and tie to compliment it. Too many patterns might not go together nicely.
  2. Always match your shoes with the colour of the belt you are wearing instead of matching it with the colour of men’s pants.
  3. Don’t use too many conservative shades at once. Combinations such as black-navy and brown-black would look too boring and static. Try to compliment neutral shades of men’s pants with lighter shades of shirts.
  4. Keep a balance between all the things in terms of level of formality.

Men’s casual pants, such as jeans should always be paired together with sneakers while khakis should be paired with boots or loafers. Dress pants should always be used only with proper clogs or business shoes.

  1. Colour combinations should be designed carefully, ensuring that a combination of light and dark contrasts is made. However, if you are trying to maintain a subtler look, you can select colours that are similar joker gaming.
  2. For both formal and men’s casual pants, you should stick to neutral shades. These shades are easier to match and can be used with different shirts quite conveniently. Navy blue, black, khaki and gray are some of the most commonly used colours for bottoms.