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Cool Makeup Ideas: Surprise Them with Your New Look

If you are bored of how you look like or you are tired of the usual makeup styles, then you are ready to read the different cool makeup ideas. Surely these cool makeup tricks will further motivate you to experiment on your looks and bring out the various personalities you keep hidden inside.

Cool Eye Makeup Ideas

A lot of the cool makeup ideas have something to do with the eyes, and it is understandable. The eyes are the pair that are easily seen by others. Moreover, they will not be called the windows of the soul for nothing. With few tweaks on the eye makeup, you can make the smaller eyes into something bolder, and droopy eyes to more dramatic and expressive.

One of the cool makeup ideas for brown eyes includes the use of darker shades of plum and brown. You can also use the shades of nutmeg, purple, blue, and violet for the brown eyes. In fact, a lot of colors seem to match this eyeshade, so if you have brown eyes, you are lucky.

As for the cool makeup ideas for green eyes, consider settling for peach or something brown. When it comes to the shade intensity, it should depend on the degree of greenness of your eyes. The lighter the eye color, the darker your makeup should be togel 88. Nevertheless, you do not want to overpower the color of your eyes with your makeup since green eyes are very beautiful.

If you have blue eyes, you can be much bolder and settle for the orange eyeshadow or any shade much closer to it. You want to remove the coldness that is often associated with blue eyes. Besides orange, you can opt for rust, bronze, coral, peach, or copper.

Other Cool Makeup Ideas

You can also match your makeup with the designs of your bags. But you need to be very careful. Not everyone who does this can pull it off perfectly. You do not want to be a walking disaster. For example, if your bag is more formal or made by a fashion designer, you also want to glam up your look, perhaps settling for the colors of Mac or Lauren Hutton. If you are attending a formal affair and you like to bring out your Chanel purse, it is best to tone down the looks by wearing light makeup.

You can also wear your makeup according to the holidays. For instance, to keep up with the Halloween spirit, you can sport darker-colored makeup, especially on the eyes. You can follow the Goth style. You can be the ice queen come winter by settling for frosted colors.

Be Inspired by the Different Cool Makeup Styles

Do not limit your cool makeup ideas with these, though. There are far more tips you can get in various sources including the World Wide Web. You can also scour fashion magazines, including Vogue and Glamour. You should also never stop experimenting with the colors and makeup styles. Even come up with your own.