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How to Get Free Makeup Samples from Different Sources

Did you know that you can obtain absolutely free makeup samples without much effort? Did you also know that you can get free samples right from your favorite department store? Well, if you answered “no” to these questions, you must have missed out on a lot of freebies. You will find below some of the ways to obtain free makeup kits with little or no effort.

Free Makeup Kits from the Internet

Makeup models live on freebies-did you know that? They do not beg for makeup kits because they can afford to buy stuff, but, technically, they get loads of freebies due to their modeling stints. Like them, you can also get freebies by scouring the World Wide Web for these simple search words: “free makeup samples.” You will be given a list of hundreds of websites offering free stuff. Now, if you haven’t tried getting freebies, then you can start off with new makeup styles for free.

You will also find websites where people list various makeup freebies, which are ranked by the effectiveness of the sample and the promptness of the manufacturers or sellers to send the freebies. Also, if you know how to dig into the search results, you will be able to find free makeup samples of even the most popular and sought-after makeup kits. For example, free Clinique makeup samples are given by their official website either when you buy one of their products or even without spending a dime.

Makeup Freebies from the Department Store

If you are a frequent shopper, you may have already known that there are actually some cosmetic products that also offer extras, which you don’t need to buy-totally free. If you really haven’t noticed, however, then try to check out a store and see a free sachet of moisturizer or cream to your facial wash or some other product. If the store really doesn’t have those, then you can ask the salesperson. If you smile and request for free makeup samples, it would not be long before the lady will give you at least one freebie. Just make sure that you buy a product so that you can return for more freebies.

If you continue to buy regular items then ask for freebies, the next time that you visit the store, that salesperson may even give you samples without you asking for them. You may even manage to get a free bare minerals makeup kit, if you are lucky.

Why Do Companies Give Out Free Makeup Kits?

Just in case you are wondering why free samples are being given by cosmetic companies, it is actually part of their advertising campaign. After all, people would remember a brand that they’ve really tried on (because they have been given for free) than something that they have just read about. Also, by giving free samples to potential customers, the public can try the products and buy the larger bottles or containers if they love the results. Of course, people would want to buy something that they had already proven to work for them.

Now that you have discovered some great tips, you now have an idea where you can get free makeup, which can be through the Internet or the department store. However, you can also try looking into other sources such as your favorite magazines.