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Bring Forth the Glam Look with the Kim Kardashian Makeup Tips

Would you like to have some Kim Kardashian makeup tips? Kim may not be the most well-known actress in Tinseltown, but she’s definitely a gorgeous celebrity who catapulted herself to the A-list through her exquisite beauty, amazing fashion sense, and, most of all, beautiful makeup. In fact, her face, which is usually plastered in thousands of newspapers and magazines all over the world, is now being sought by plenty of women who also like to look as amazing as her.

Kim Kardashian Makeup Secrets

So you’re wondering, how does Kim achieve her sultry look that goes well with her oomph body? First, you have to trace her lineage. Her ancestors came from Armenia, which used to be part of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey. People of her ethnicity are well-known for their extremely beautiful eyes, which can be further enhanced by applying smokey or dramatic eye makeup. Thus, it’s not too difficult for her to achieve a stunning eye makeup.

Nevertheless one of the best Kim Kardashian eye makeup tips would be to utilize concealers, especially underneath the eyelids. Being a very busy careerwoman, it’s not impossible for her to develop eye bags and blemishes, which don’t get away immediately. Concealers can do the trick.

She’s also fond of using longer eyelashes, and she makes use of two kinds. She sometimes wears the strips or attaches the lashes individually. It depends on the style she wants to follow as of the moment. Moreover to ensure that her makeup lasts for a much longer period, she puts on a primer or puts on powder after applying the foundation.

To get her shimmering look or style, you can put on a highlighter to your cheekbones, nose bridge, inner eye corners, and the collarbones. Kim also likes to wear nude lipsticks.

Kim Kardashian Makeup Tutorial

There is a variety of Kim Kardashian makeup tips that can also serve as tutorials. It depends on what type of look you want to emulate. They are available in videos or texts (though the former is a lot better). Just to give you an idea, though, the first thing you need to do is to cleanse your face. Make sure you can apply sufficient moisturizer to avoid drying up the skin.

Put on the primer before you add the foundation. Again, apply some powder to make the makeup more long lasting. Focus more on the eyes. To get a smokey eye, put on an eyeshadow to the base of the eyelids. Select two shades, one darker than the other. The darker color should be applied to the crease of your eyes. Using a smudge brush, apply the eyeliner. Apply a number of coats with your mascara.

Kim Kardashian Makeup Tips: Getting the Perfect Look

You have already learned the different Kim Kardashian makeup tricks and read the tutorial for Kim Kardashian makeup looks. Are these enough? You may be tempted to buy the products she used just to come up with the exact look, but they can be pretty expensive. Hence, learn to experiment with other brands. The most important thing is you can obtain almost the same effect.