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The Difference that Liquid Mineral Makeup Makes

Let’s face it: some women are just not loose or pressed solid makeup fans.

The same is true for mineral makeup products. Some people prefer liquid mineral make up rather than the more common loose or pressed mineral foundation makeup. If you happen to be one of them, you do not have to worry since more and more cosmetic makeup companies have extended their products to accommodate your preference. You can now get a liquid minerals foundation practically anywhere now.

Cosmetics that are considered to be part of the liquid minerals makeup family practically consists of the same thing. It contains minerals such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. They do not have oil, alcohol, talc, fragrances and other potentially harmful additives that can become skin irritants. They offer the same sun protection, skin nourishing and imperfection concealing benefits. Your liquid mineral make up is simply just your mineral powder foundation that is blended with a foundation base emulsion. It is much like your old mineral loose powder added with some moisturizer. However, this is an over-simplification. Of course, mineral cosmetic brands have their own unique formulations.

What is the difference between loose, pressed and mineral foundation?

The most obvious difference between these three are in the means of application. With liquid mineral make up, you do not need a fluffy or a Kabuki brush. Nor would you need a powder puff to apply it on your skin. However, you would need some sponge or some liquid foundation brush offered by some cosmetic lines.

In terms of ingredient, a liquid mineral make up foundation will most likely contain the same active ingredients as its loose and pressed counterparts. They offer the same benefits as all the rest of natural mineral makeups do. However, there is some difference that can be noticed in terms of the coverage and the finish that these different forms provide.


In terms of coverage, pressed mineral powders offer the densest coverage among the three. Second to that are liquid and cream based minerals. Loose powder foundations are seen to provide the lightest coverage. However, this is also dependent on the brand. For example, Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundations and Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals seems to give out the densest coverage compared to their solid powder products.

Makeup Finish

Loose powders generally offer a relatively more dewy kind of finish, while pressed mineral powders give way to matte finishes. Liquid mineral makeups, on the other hand, offer a silky and satin-like finish.

How to Apply Liquid Mineral Foundations

Application of liquid mineral make up depends largely on the kind of coverage you want. If you are going for a light coverage, apply your liquid foundation with a damp sponge. For heavier coverage, you can use a dry sponge or a liquid foundation brush.

Expert Recommendation

If you want to enjoy the maximized benefits of liquid mineral make up, you may want to try Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation. It is rich in deep sea ocean minerals that leaves your skin hydrated, radiant and healthy looking all the time. It also contains natural extracts such as cucumber, allantoin, and green tea to pamper your skin as it deserves to be. It is available in 30 mL sizes at $39.