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Easy Make Up Tips for Black Women

Are you aware that there are plenty of make up tips for black women? Most of all, they don’t involve using the same makeup that is supposed to be used by Caucasian or Asian women. You can also skip the whole blending-of-colors process, which can take a lot of time and can even cause you to make a lot of mistakes.

If you’re a black woman, it’s time to realize that you can definitely look and feel good with makeup. In fact, a lot of companies these days have completely understood the different needs and preferences of African and Americans, and they have come up with a distinctive line just for you.

Make Up Tips for Black Women: Important Considerations

There are a number of things you need to remember when you’re choosing make up for African American women. First off, you need to consider the tone of the skin. What you don’t know is that your skin isn’t really completely black. Some have more of a caramel complexion, others have bronze. There are also a number of women with mocha skin tone.

You have to be aware of this especially if you’re picking a foundation. You don’t want your face to be of completely different shade from the rest of your body. When testing foundations, it’s even best when you do so under natural light. It’s also recommended you buy one in department stores where salespeople will allow you to sample the product.

One of the eye make up tips for black women is to not really go for darker tones. In fact, it’s suggested that you play around with different shades, until you can find a combination that fits the style you like perfectly. Sticking with black makes your entire appearance even more boring.

How to Apply Makeup for Black Women

The first thing you need to do is to assess if you truly need a foundation. Sometimes you don’t have to apply, especially if you’re blessed with good skin. If there are few blemishes, all you have to do is to hide them with the use of concealers. As for the foundation, you can use a sponge or fingers. If you want to apply the foundation evenly, using the fingers will be more ideal. Keep in mind that there should be no visible line.

It’s different when you wear eye make up for black dress and for casual attire. If you’re attending a party such as the former, it’s normal to go on a darker shade and several coats of mascara, particularly if the affair is going to be held in the evening. On the other hand, if you’re going out on daytime, tone down your look by going very light on your eyeshadows and eyeliners.

Create the illusion of cheekbones by adding a soft pink, orange, or brown tint on your face. You can then finish the look with a good lipstick. Red lipsticks can still work on dark-skinned women.

Learn More Make Up Tips for Black Women

There are far more makeup ideas for black women available, such as how to choose makeup according to hair and how to achieve a more natural look. The best means to get the information you need is to go online, ask help from an expert, or discover a lot of new styles in fashion magazines.