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Learn How to Makeup and Still Appear to Have a Natural Face

Have you ever wondered how to makeup while managing to look like you have not put any makeup at all? You may ask, “What’s the use of makeup then?” If you carefully study the trend these days, you will realize that more and more women prefer a bare-skin look to a made-up one. It is actually something that makes a lot of women proud-that they can leave their homes without makeup and still look beautiful. Check these makeup beauty tips and achieve this look.

Applying Make Up Foundation

Do you have facial blemishes that you are ashamed of? Do you find yourself reaching for the concealer and applying it thickly only to avoid the spot from standing out? Applying make up can be tricky, but if you learn how to make makeup and achieve a more natural look, you will own the spotlight and beat the other ladies. What you need to do is make the makeup appear invisible to other peoples’ eyes.

You can start by choosing the correct shade of foundation. Many ladies make the mistake of selecting the wrong tone especially when they want to look fairer or darker; the wrong shade only emphasizes that you have foundation on. Ladies with oily skin will find that the secret in how to makeup naturally comes in using a mattifying primer before putting on the foundation. Ladies with dry skin should choose a liquid foundation with moisturizer.

For all skin types, apply the foundation lightly while adding a little bit more around the blemish. Use a foundation brush for a more even look. Also, a lighter shade of foundation can be used to conceal blemishes under the eye. You can then use a concealer to hide those that could not be concealed by the foundation alone.

The Use of Powder

Do you know how to makeup using powder? Well, after applying the above tips, you can use loose powder to finish the look and conceal the foundation and concealer. Be careful in choosing the powder as you may end up looking like you have been through an extreme makeup session. Again, choose the shade that will complement your skin and the products that you had applied togel shio88.

Light Eyes Makeup

So you had completed the “no makeup” look. This time, you can add a little color. Use the blunt end of the brush and apply, very lightly, the base color that you want from one corner of the eyelid to the other. Although a deeper shade will add more depth to your eyes, remember that the goal here is to look very natural, so stick with the light application. Add another shade that blends well with the base. Also, add a thin and light line of eyeliner, and you are done.

The best thing to do is to practice at home and take note of the combinations that make you look as natural as possible. If you are able to achieve that no-makeup look, other ladies may even ask you for advice on how to makeup like you.