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Some Mineral Powder Makeup Brand Reviews

The popularity and the wonders of mineral powder makeup have set many women rushing to the nearest department store to get one for themselves.

Well, this popularity is actually for good reasons and is very well-deserved. Ask any mineral makeup user and she will most likely recommend you to use them, and would probably suggest a particular mineral make up powder brand.

Why mineral powder makeups?

Mineral powder foundations are among the best-selling of all the cosmetic items around today. They are made of all natural ingredients. They do not contain harmful additives such as oil, talc, fragrance and alcohol that can potentially irritate your skin. Mineral makeup powders can provide a light weight sheer coverage that covers up all your facial imperfections. These minerals are actually therapeutic for your skin and is very safe to use for all skin types of all ages, even the most acne-prone and sensitive ones. In short, they are so much unlike traditional makeups that contain irritants (oil, fragrance, talc, alcohol, etc.) that is harmful for your skin.

Difference between Mineral Powder Makeup Brands

You have to know that mineral powder foundations all work the same way. They are more or less made up of the same ingredients, mostly zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Each brand usually has different formulations though they are based on the same materials. The difference would lie on the proportions of each ingredient, and other natural additives that have been placed into the formulation. Each trademarked brand has its own way of formulating their products to render them unique from all others. However, they are all geared towards the same goal: to give you an amazing, unmatched, beautiful look that you would love.

Mineral Powder Make Up Reviews

Below are mineral powder foundation reviews of three mineral powder make up products that we have tried and tested. This can give you a bird’s eye view of what to expect when you use them.

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation

The Pros:

It can even out your skin tone and application goes easily and quickly. It gives you a naturally, healthy and glowing complexion. It also has a built-in brush so it is most convenient. It has the ability to diminish breakouts for more than 50%

The Cons:

It tends to fade off just a tiny bit easily during humid and hot days.

Arbonne Mineral Powder Foundation

Arbonne mineral foundation is one of the three foundations offered by Arbonne. It gives you a light coverage and is easy to glide on to your skin. However, we observed that this particular mineral powder foundation does not provide good enough coverage for those with many blemishes and pimples. Their other foundations (Face Luminous Color Wand and Face Line Defiance) seems to do a better job. However, if you do not have too many imperfections, this mineral foundation would be perfect for your skin! Adding a light layer of powder also seems to tone down the shine.

Ulta Mineral Powder Foundation

If you are looking for a powder mineral foundation that goes easy on the pocket, you may want to try Ulta’s powder foundation. It has a good lasting power and provides a slightly heavier coverage than the other brands we have reviewed. It also does not have the shiny effect that some mineral powder makeups give off.