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Crafty Tips on How To Apply Gothic Makeup

Applying gothic make up styles is fun in a gory and sinister sense, because this time you are trying to pull off a look that defies all convention. To focal points of becoming a gothic beauty is to concentrate on the eyes and the lips. If you have been observant enough, you will see that vampire beauty lacks the presence of blush, as the focus is on living dead rather than the playfully blissful living ones. Here is how to do gothic make up:

Wash out and White out

The first thing you need to do is to concentrate on your facial canvas. Instead of making it look dewy and healthy and tanned, try to washout your color by applying foundation or powder that is two to three shades lighter than your normal skin tone.

Wipe out everything completely, and skip the concealer. This time, you want to highlight your dark circles for a dark Tim Burton-esque look ala Nightmare Before Christmas or Sweeney Todd.

Get Dark Peepers

Gothic eye makeup is easy to do. To make your look really come ‘back from the grave’, so to speak, line your eyes with thick black liner and make it go around several times. You might want to smudge it up a bit to “spread the darkness’ around your eyes.

If it gets smeared on your eye bags, all the more gothic you shall be. Dark beauty is enhanced by applying sinister purple shadow on your eyelids. No blending required this time, because you want to make sure the purple pops out from the milky whiteness of your lids.

The best thing to do is to wet your brush before applying the powder in order to set it and make it look more brilliant. Midnight blue also works great for this, or try a combination of both.

Up the cosmetics factor by purchasing a pair of fake eyelashes in order to make your gothic beauty all the more alluring. And if you really want to stand out, make those fake lashes serve as a frame for pale blue contact lenses. That will surely unnerve a few individuals who come your way.

These Lips Were Made For Feasting

There are three options that you can take when it comes to putting the finishing touches on your gothic make up. When it comes to your lips, you either want to look as dead as possible, look like you’ve just feasted on blood or be zombie-esque. These three ideas will require you to work with light nude, blood red and deep purple lipstick.

The pale nude will make your eyes stand out, thus giving off an otherworldly effect. The blood red, though temptingly delectable, will signal a warning to other that they might be giving in to the allures of a seductive vampire. The purple one on the other hand will channel a more unforgiving gothic vibe as you stand to look like you have been roaming the earth for centuries.

Pick your favorite among the three, and make it look all the more dramatic by lining the outside of your lips with black or maroon lip liner.