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Is It Advisable To Wear Sweatshirts In Summer?

Sweatshirt is a long-sleeved pullover type winter wear. Sweatshirts for men generally do not have collars. They have round neck which covers the neck. Traditionally the sweatshirts for men were made of heavy cotton jersey but now you’ll find sweatshirts made of all the different kinds of fabric. There are some which are made of light cotton and are suitable for mild winters. Others are made of fleece or heavy cotton material well-suited for heavy winters. Sweatshirts for men come with or without hoods. The ones with a hood look very trendy and fashionable. They are a part of the casual wear. Those without the hood can even form a part of formal wear when needed.

Sweatshirts in come in two styles

  1. Zippered
  2. Non-zippered

As the winters are approaching we all look for new winter garments. The most common among them are the jackets, sweaters, jerkins, and sweatshirts for men. All these outer wear are meant to provide insulation from the cold atmosphere outside and providing warmth in the winter season judi slot. The winter garments are made of different materials like the leather, wool, cotton, fleece, nylon, polyester, etc.

There are many instances when wearing a sweatshirt in summers can be a good option. We’ll list those occasions for you.

While exercising

When you are running and exercising, wearing a sweatshirt can have added advantages. It can enhance the rate of calorie burn. When you wear a sweatshirt, your body temperature increases and thus increase the blood circulation and the heart rate. This can have some negative effects on your health but it can also help you lose more and more calories.

Sitting in the AC

Many people tend to wear sweatshirts in the offices and colleges when they have to sit in the air conditioned rooms for longer hours. This is the occasion when even in summers the people wear sweatshirts for men. It’ll protect you from cold but in the long run can decrease your body’s capacity to tolerate the cold weather.

There are some people who are in the habit of wearing a sweatshirt almost every time. They do not feel hot maybe but by doing this they are doing serious damage to their body and its metabolism. It is not suggested to wear sweatshirts for men with hoods to protect themselves from the scorching sun. By doing this they are inviting heat stroke to themselves.

Sweatshirts for men are meant to be for winter season as they provide the required warmth and keep the person comfortable all day long.

There is a wide collection of winter wear including the jerkins and sweatshirts available online on the shopping websites like,,,, etc. You can choose your favourite colour, design, and style from among them and get ready for the winters.

You can wear sweatshirts for men along with the formal trousers or casual jeans. Pair it with sneakers and you’ll achieve a perfect casual look.